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Leh (Ladakh) was known in the past by different names. It was called Maryul or low land by some Kha- chumpa by others. Fa-Hein referred to it as Kia-Chha and Hiuen Tsang as Ma-Lo-Pho. It is said that the first Immigrants to this land appears to have been the Brokpas from Dadarstan who inhabited the lower reaches of the Indus Valley popularly known as Sham. Another wave of Immigrants who came from Karja (Kulu) were the Mons an Aryan type who first settled in Gya and spread to Rong, Shayok, Sakti Tangtse and Durbuk, the area extending from Martselang to Khaltsi. Gia was the seat of government of the first Mon ruler having been elected by the whole tribe. His kingdom included the villages mentioned above, all of which was inhabited by the Mons people He was known by the title Gyapacho, derived from his being the master of Gia.

Tourism has won a wide recognition as an important industry in the district in view of its potential for creation of employment opportunities and generation of income on a large scale. This industry has a direct bearing on the socio-economic scene of the district. Tourism industry provides employment to a large number of people engaged in the related sectors like transport, Hotels and catering service, cottage industry etc. Tourism promotes economic activities in the remote areas.

Government of India, Ministry of home Affairs has recently declared some more a areas of Ladakh opened for International Tourism. These areas are among the outstanding feature of Himalayan Panorama. It could be yet another destination for the global tourists. These areas are relatively more distinct for cultural and adventure tourism. While declaring the new areas of Khaltse, Nubra & Nyoma Sub-Division, Govt. of India however restricted the movement of traffic flow on 7 different tour circuits to these divisions. Minimum period required for visiting these areas should not exceed 7 days.
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