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Jammu - A city of ancient temples and vibrant culture

Jammu is the largest city in the Jammu division of the Indian union territory of Jammu and Kashmir. It is located on the banks of the Tawi River and is surrounded by the Shivalik range to the north, east, and southeast, while the Trikuta Range surrounds it to the north-west. Jammu is known as the City of Temples and is famous for its historic temples and shrines. The city has a rich cultural heritage and is a melting pot of various religions and cultures.

Some of the popular tourist attractions in Jammu are:

Vaishno Devi Temple

Raghunath Temple

Bahu Fort

Amar Mahal Museum

Mubarak Mandi Palace

Vaishno Devi Temple: Located in the Trikuta Hills, the Vaishno Devi Temple is one of the most popular and revered pilgrimage sites in India. It is dedicated to the Hindu goddess Vaishno Devi and attracts millions of devotees every year.

Raghunath Temple: The Raghunath Temple is one of the largest temple complexes in North India and is dedicated to Lord Rama. The temple complex houses a number of smaller temples dedicated to various gods and goddesses.

Bahu Fort: The Bahu Fort is a historic fort located on the banks of the Tawi River. It was built by the Dogra rulers in the 18th century and is now a popular tourist attraction.

Amar Mahal Museum: The Amar Mahal Museum is a historic palace that has been converted into a museum. It houses a collection of paintings, artifacts, and manuscripts from the Dogra period.

Mubarak Mandi Palace: he Mubarak Mandi Palace is a historic palace complex that was the residence of the Dogra rulers. The palace complex houses a number of buildings and structures, including a durbar hall, a royal palace, and a museum.